Broadband Power Line Technology

Broadband Power Line is a simple, yet innovative, internet service technology that is quickly gaining popularity and need by the
worldwide telecommunications industry, everyday individuals and business owners alike. BPL works with your existing power lines
and standard electrical outlets to bring high-speed Internet to your home or business. In addition to providing Internet services,
BPL also functions as a means of bringing telephony and digital TV services. As you would notice, with the every home having
electrical outlets, the possibilities and opportunities of BPL continue to grow.

Installing wireless, regular broadband, or cable Internet can often be a painstaking experience to setup and maintain. BPL allows
for premium Internet services with ease and simplicity, by plugging a BPL modem into your outlet as you would any other
appliance. Under most circumstances, Realm Energy’s Broadband Power Line solutions do not require any additional wiring to
connect the end user's computer, telephone or TV, or any other IP device.

How BPL Works

Broadband Power Line (BPL) Technology enables audio, video and data signals to be transmitted over the electricity power cable.
The signal channel is transmitted using OFDM from the BPL based transmitting devices over the power lines. The BPL based
receiving device or a BPL modem converts and receives the data signal and thus establishes a two-way communication.

The revolutionary BPL Technology adopted by the company includes state-of-the-art equipment designed to overcome line
noises, standing waves and the non-linearity problems that historically have limited the useable bandwidth on power lines.
Currently the technology provides high quality digital video and audio transmission as well as high-speed data communications
upto 205 Mbps.

BPL technology is the first and only technology that can be scaled from simple control to data networking and into distribution of
real-time streaming, and the inclusion of Internet Service Provider Services with Broadband, Telephony, Television and Smart
appliances for home and offices the BPL Technology shall provide fast, robust, cost effective, efficient and superior quality

The implementation of the BPL technology as the medium for transporting digital Audio, Video and Data communication signals
via the existing nationwide Power Line infrastructure will result broadband communication services being made available to almost
80% of the country. As such, communication under Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) can be made
available to all offices, industries and households by use of power Line cables (optic and copper based) as a mode of audio,
video and data two way transmissions, thus eliminating large infrastructure cost namely the installation of fibre optic and
microwave technologies for the last mile solution (LAN) which is also time consuming.
Bringing Broadband to Every Electric Socket
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