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What is BPL?
Broadband over Power Line (BPL) is a system that allows digital data, voice and multimedia services to be transmitted over
the electrical infrastruture with speed capabilities of up to 205Mbps. Unlike xDSL that uses telephone lines, BPL uses
electrical wires to transmit data thereby allowing the user to access broadband from any electric socket in the house or
What device do I need to connect using BPL?
A BPL Modem. All you will need to do is just plug-and-surf. There is no hassle for re-wiring, configurations, etc. Refer to
our partners' packages for details on the BPL Modem.
How do I subscribe to BPL?
Visit or contact our retail partners, Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd, ETNet.Com and see if they provide services in the our
BPL Coverage Area. Our partners offer value packages that suit your consumption.
What does BPL offer?
A triple play solution that allows you to access high-speed internet, VoIP and Video-on-demand (IPTv).
How does BPL reach my home?
Just as electricity does! Digital data signals are induced into the live power cable with the help of a 'coupler' installed at the
TNB LV substation  Such signals are transmitted at high frequencies of 1-38MHz through the existing power cables in
addition to the 50Hz power supply allowing you to access broadband communication from any electric socket in your house.
What are the requirments to use BPL?
Electricity! and ofcourse and personal computer or laptop with an Ethernet port.
Is it safe and secure to use BPL?
Safety wise, all BPL devices comply with international safety standard and have been verified and approved by the Energy
Commission and SIRIM.

Security wise, all BPL modems come with encryption and authentication thus ensuring secure data transmission from the
Internet via the BPL network.
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